Monday, 25 July 2011

The genetic pool of information in the future

A random statement on one of my many loitering on the net brought a very important question to my mind. Everybody knows about gene pool and genetic diversity… to the uninitiated (I also belong to this sub-breed for the most part) the dictionary states that “A large gene pool indicates extensive genetic diversity, which is associated with robust populations that can survive bouts of intense selection. Meanwhile, low genetic diversity (see inbreeding and population bottlenecks) can cause reduced biological fitness and an increased chance of extinction”
You will be wondering where is this going – well all this simply put means that when you dip into the same pool time and again you tend to narrow the gene pool and the species are more prone to an opportunistic disease that can wipe them out, while those with a more diverse gene pool can withstand such a disease and survive.
Now if one carries forward the same hypothesis to the information being uploaded, downloading, modified etc on the net, we should ask ourselves are we narrowing down the gene pool (read information) by dipping time and again into the same information set-up modifying, analyzing and retrieving without any outside checks. Are we not isolating ourselves truly, as the dependence on the net for information becomes the basis of all new hypotheses?
Note : Search is still one of the top 10 activities people do online. And this applies to journalists too – 98% say they start a story with a Google search looking for ideas, background, experts and sources.
I am opening this point for discussion and will come back to it as and when I can clarify or add to this thought…

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