Sunday, 16 October 2011

Move on - don't close the book- just turn the page

You might have heard of this fable where a man lost his gold chain at home one night and was desperately hunting for it. After a few hours spent hunting at his home he gave up in frustration claiming that as the light at home was dim he anyways would not be able to find the necklace there and would instead hunt for it in a better lit place. So saying he shifted his hunt to the streetlight which was a more conducive and will lit venue for a search.
A passerby on seeing his activity asked him what he was looking for and he replied that he was looking for his lost gold chain. The passerby to assist him in his search asked him where exactly he had lost it, to which the man replied that he had lost it at home. The stunned passerby asked him why the hell was he looking for it here then, to which our man replied that as the light was poor at his home he thought he would have a more fruitful search at a better lit venue which is why he was hunting under the streetlight, rendering the poor passerby speechless…
Now you would say what an idiotic man and you are right but how many of us have done the same thing. How many times have we thought that there is a better place in this world which will revert all the things that we have lost. And how many times have we looked for something we have lost in the past even after we have moved on.
I have taken two learnings from this story which I can share with you
1.       Do not look for something you have lost in the past in your present or future, it is a futile exercise
2.       Whatever you lose or gain will be at the same place where you lost or gained. That is rewards and punishments are meted out at the same place.

If you have any other additions to make to this, you are welcome..

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Fine Line

There is a fine line between being concerned and being a busybody, that defines empathizing and irritating. The same goes for confidence and arrogance one being warm and the other being abrasive.
The only sticky point here is that it is easy to view this in others, but when it is in yourself do you see it… No I don’t think so. After all the universal failing of all of us is to see oneself in the positive light and judge the other on a guilty till proven innocent filter.
But hey, this is the challenge, how does one go about seeing oneself the way other see him/her. My idea is to have an open free for all on the internet, ask all your facebook friends to talk about one fine line that you tend to consistently cross and you promise to return the favour, off course do not try to keep the equi quotient by being as nice or nasty as the response given, be objective – if you do so maybe you can shame the other person to return the favour..
The other more safer and less public option would be just limit the question to a personalized one to one with your friends and family, this might also give your good insights.
But the conundrum here is that the person who is arrogant or a busybody will never check on this as he will believe his perfection as given.
So where do you fall – person A willing to check out the worlds view or person B believe your mirror of excellence.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Beautiful Poetry

I am not a poetry person but being human and a thinking one at that, one cannot help but be affected by the beautifully presented words in poetry which express sentiments that you have never been able to articulate and therefore appreciate all the more. The nuances of the sentiments poetry generates differs from person to person and sometimes even within yourself as you grow older and experience life the meaning and appreciation of a special line in a poem changes.
(on a lighter vein the same goes for cartoon comics and strips - I learned to appreciate Astrix and Calvin very differently as an adult where the play of words held special significance)

Anyways to get back to poetry I am sharing some beautiful poetry that i saw on my trawling through the net.....  

Trees by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

It is such a simple and touching poem and the last two lines are so humble and self effacing that it touches your heart.

Another line which i feel like a slam in my heart is

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
From Out Of The Night That Covers Me by William Ernest Henley

The peom that never fails to depress me with its futility is the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Anyways this is all for now....

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Weekend blog post

Another week has passed and I seem to be where I was before. Except a bit sicker and definitely hoarser. The pace of work seems to be the kin to a snail and we are definitely chaffing at the bit. But hey what do “this is life” na…
Nah, that is what I feel like saying to all those soothsayers who just want to murmur platitudes and say you expect too much (meaning “you self-indulgent sod”)
Anyways as you can see life is not peachy cream anymore and I have developed a short fuse which is not helping matters. Talk about rabid, if this is what thirties does to you I really do fear the fourties…
But for now my resolution of the weekend is to fill myself up with good cheer and hope that it will waft out to my exterior aura to project peace and quiet..
Let me see what my horoscope has to say..

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Broken Promises

Welll....there we go again, breaking a promise to myself - "Promised that I would be religious on my blog"

So here I am with a backlog of 5 days of posts to be fulfilled in one strong burst of verbage...

I wonder which is more criminal a broken promise to yourself or all those which are littered across the countryside made at various tight corners of your life... goes to show that a woman who sticks through her promise to others would be solid gold on self made commitments.

Anyway I am degressing...

I wanted to take a strong view on the educational purpose of our syllabus and when are we going to get rid of all the non relevant stories and talk about current issues which can provide relevant application to the students and develop them towards being a more responsible citizen.

I will be going into details on a clean week - starting Monday

Till then - Enjoy the weekend...

Monday, 25 July 2011

The genetic pool of information in the future

A random statement on one of my many loitering on the net brought a very important question to my mind. Everybody knows about gene pool and genetic diversity… to the uninitiated (I also belong to this sub-breed for the most part) the dictionary states that “A large gene pool indicates extensive genetic diversity, which is associated with robust populations that can survive bouts of intense selection. Meanwhile, low genetic diversity (see inbreeding and population bottlenecks) can cause reduced biological fitness and an increased chance of extinction”
You will be wondering where is this going – well all this simply put means that when you dip into the same pool time and again you tend to narrow the gene pool and the species are more prone to an opportunistic disease that can wipe them out, while those with a more diverse gene pool can withstand such a disease and survive.
Now if one carries forward the same hypothesis to the information being uploaded, downloading, modified etc on the net, we should ask ourselves are we narrowing down the gene pool (read information) by dipping time and again into the same information set-up modifying, analyzing and retrieving without any outside checks. Are we not isolating ourselves truly, as the dependence on the net for information becomes the basis of all new hypotheses?
Note : Search is still one of the top 10 activities people do online. And this applies to journalists too – 98% say they start a story with a Google search looking for ideas, background, experts and sources.
I am opening this point for discussion and will come back to it as and when I can clarify or add to this thought…

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The uneven road

Why.. why... (and i am asking this question to all mankind belonging to the Indian sub continent) can we never ever make up our minds....
Take the roads of any city as an example - be it a main thoroughfare, cross road, lane or society road it all has to go through cosmetic changes with the end result being worse than a pockmarked fish on a Goa beach.. (do not ask the context, it just sounds good!!!)

We need a wider road... we need a bisection.... we need piping to go through... we dont like this lets break it... ohmygod it rained and got washed away....we need...we need...
the true question is do we really need, and can we not list down all our needs and then like a to do list take it one at a time starting from inside out... is it too much to ask... we do it at work, in our personal life(the pants come before the undies unless you are superman then no rule applies) then why do we have a road (read mind) block here...

And just to ice this blog post up i am going to upload some pics of the roads which have been under perpetual harassment.... invite all you like minded road ragers to also up their pics / links whatever....

PS : all this because they (who are these god like people "THEY") have dug up our society road edge and my parking is all disturbed...

Friday, 22 July 2011

The First Verbage

Well, it has been another pat on the back.... I have atlast got my blog up and running.. now i need a few happenings and a few friends and maybe i will look for excitement and strife to make my blog post that much more intersting. this is know as reverse reasoning - to live to eat or to eat to live....