Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Weekend blog post

Another week has passed and I seem to be where I was before. Except a bit sicker and definitely hoarser. The pace of work seems to be the kin to a snail and we are definitely chaffing at the bit. But hey what do “this is life” na…
Nah, that is what I feel like saying to all those soothsayers who just want to murmur platitudes and say you expect too much (meaning “you self-indulgent sod”)
Anyways as you can see life is not peachy cream anymore and I have developed a short fuse which is not helping matters. Talk about rabid, if this is what thirties does to you I really do fear the fourties…
But for now my resolution of the weekend is to fill myself up with good cheer and hope that it will waft out to my exterior aura to project peace and quiet..
Let me see what my horoscope has to say..

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