Saturday, 30 July 2011

Broken Promises

Welll....there we go again, breaking a promise to myself - "Promised that I would be religious on my blog"

So here I am with a backlog of 5 days of posts to be fulfilled in one strong burst of verbage...

I wonder which is more criminal a broken promise to yourself or all those which are littered across the countryside made at various tight corners of your life... goes to show that a woman who sticks through her promise to others would be solid gold on self made commitments.

Anyway I am degressing...

I wanted to take a strong view on the educational purpose of our syllabus and when are we going to get rid of all the non relevant stories and talk about current issues which can provide relevant application to the students and develop them towards being a more responsible citizen.

I will be going into details on a clean week - starting Monday

Till then - Enjoy the weekend...

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