Sunday, 16 October 2011

Move on - don't close the book- just turn the page

You might have heard of this fable where a man lost his gold chain at home one night and was desperately hunting for it. After a few hours spent hunting at his home he gave up in frustration claiming that as the light at home was dim he anyways would not be able to find the necklace there and would instead hunt for it in a better lit place. So saying he shifted his hunt to the streetlight which was a more conducive and will lit venue for a search.
A passerby on seeing his activity asked him what he was looking for and he replied that he was looking for his lost gold chain. The passerby to assist him in his search asked him where exactly he had lost it, to which the man replied that he had lost it at home. The stunned passerby asked him why the hell was he looking for it here then, to which our man replied that as the light was poor at his home he thought he would have a more fruitful search at a better lit venue which is why he was hunting under the streetlight, rendering the poor passerby speechless…
Now you would say what an idiotic man and you are right but how many of us have done the same thing. How many times have we thought that there is a better place in this world which will revert all the things that we have lost. And how many times have we looked for something we have lost in the past even after we have moved on.
I have taken two learnings from this story which I can share with you
1.       Do not look for something you have lost in the past in your present or future, it is a futile exercise
2.       Whatever you lose or gain will be at the same place where you lost or gained. That is rewards and punishments are meted out at the same place.

If you have any other additions to make to this, you are welcome..

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