Thursday, 8 September 2011

A Fine Line

There is a fine line between being concerned and being a busybody, that defines empathizing and irritating. The same goes for confidence and arrogance one being warm and the other being abrasive.
The only sticky point here is that it is easy to view this in others, but when it is in yourself do you see it… No I don’t think so. After all the universal failing of all of us is to see oneself in the positive light and judge the other on a guilty till proven innocent filter.
But hey, this is the challenge, how does one go about seeing oneself the way other see him/her. My idea is to have an open free for all on the internet, ask all your facebook friends to talk about one fine line that you tend to consistently cross and you promise to return the favour, off course do not try to keep the equi quotient by being as nice or nasty as the response given, be objective – if you do so maybe you can shame the other person to return the favour..
The other more safer and less public option would be just limit the question to a personalized one to one with your friends and family, this might also give your good insights.
But the conundrum here is that the person who is arrogant or a busybody will never check on this as he will believe his perfection as given.
So where do you fall – person A willing to check out the worlds view or person B believe your mirror of excellence.

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