Sunday, 3 June 2012

Where is my HERO

Sorry folks, to burst your bubble, this is not a personal eulogy, nor a rhetorical question – it is infact a philosophical one inspired by my viewing of Rowdy Rathod…

Watched the movie and was mostly caught either holding my head in my trembling hands or watching with my mouth inelegantly agape. What was in the movie – where did it start – what happened in between – what and why was the end… so many questions and so few answers.

I came out of the movie – drove home at 1.00 am and came to a grave conclusion, I am no longer an indifferent movie goer, I do not want only three hours of entertainment and hilarity, I want to take something away from a movie – some emotion – I want to relate to the movie on a personal level… I guess for me commercial movies are out…. Sad but so true.

Coming back to Rowdy Rathod the hard hitting reality I took from the film is that everybody wants the next guy to be the hero, I know what is wrong, I protest vehemently but only through my eyes and if brave through my mouth, but oh no you wont catch me acting on the protest, I am nobodys hero, I am looking for one – somebody who will fight my demons and make me safe… How pathetic – how like a Victorian miss… I swoon. You catch.

Look at big bad policeman with tears in his eyes because wife is with gundas… and when wife gets mad and like the favourite Durga Ma style, kicks the badman in his whatnots.. husband / policeman claps and cheers with the masses, how is that for true reality..hindi style…She is my Hero..WOW

Pleee..uze save me from this endorsement of our hardcore loser mentality. I wish all of us have the gumption to correct our own mistakes, fight our own battles and clean our own shit… is it too much to ask for..i don’t think so.

Here to the new idea – Me – I am my HERO…
Self-aggradation at its most effective..

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